Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Relection Of Critical Incide

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Relection of critical incident analaysis. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

This allows the reflective nurse to look at the exercise and understand what they need to alter in the future, and how they would mature their practice. Thus, Gibbs model gives a practitioner to mentor his/her routine job at each and every level and with an ease as described by the Oxford University Brookes, 2011.

To reflect upon this particular incident, it’s helped me to rationalize my approach in the future matters. In the capacity of being a human, everybody commits mistakes. Learning from mistakes is the better way to improve oneself. Reflection upon past experiences provides one with an opportunity to see where one went wrong so that the unfavorable consequences would not have to be faced ever again (Lewis, 2011). The practice increased my work experience along with the knowledge which helped me gain allot in the future. Likewise, it helped me enhance my nursing competencies at a whole new level.

The goal of conducting this reflection for me is to improve my therapeutic relationship with patients being a nurse. Therapeutic relationship with patients is controlled by a nurse’s interpersonal skills. Both verbal and body language play a role in it.

I hereby choose to reflect upon my experience with Mr. X who suffers from brain tumor. In those days, I was placed in the surgical ward for two weeks in the third semester. One day, all patients moved towards the cafeteria for lunch except for Mr. X. who was lost in some thoughts. I approached him, and asked his permission to help him. He could not understand my language because he had a different language.

At that moment, I felt the uneasiness about my situation, I wasn’t in a good mood either, but as it was my duty I had to be patient and at the best of my behavior. Here, the fourth stage of Gibbs reflective model helped me solve the issue and I used eating gestures to deliver my message.

As affirmed by Hill and Howlett (2005), an individual should work out the most rational option

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