Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Quality Assurance Manual It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Quality Assurance Manual. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

This means that a nutrition care plan should be completed as soon as the patient is admitted. be continuously monitored to ensure proper implementation within 14 days of admission. review its alignment in relation to institution-wide care plan. and review the plan based on changes in the needs of the person in care. In order to achieve the best practices in nutrition care plan, reviews should include the quality of the following mandated activities:

Audit is done with 10% of the charts in the facility’s medical department. Using each person’s nutrition plan, review the developed plan within 2 weeks after entrance. nutrition care revised based on the person’s requirements. nutrition care monitoring to guarantee implementation. and the endorsement of the nutrition care plan by a registered dietician amongst others (Davison & Dominik, 2009). Additionally, audit should review weight monitoring of each selected person. With the nutrition plan and weight data of a selected person, the score is provided and determined whether or not the least acceptable audit score is met. Records are kept for any identified problem and its possible causes, the remedial measures to take, and the re-audit date.

The policy for menu planning is to ensure that all menus are designed to offer appetizing, meals and beverages that are nutritionally reasonable and cost effective meals for the persons in care. In order to comply with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care legislation, menu planning should be accomplished using the best possible practices and principle(Canada, 2014). The best practices include a registered dietician approving all menus. a consultation process is used to develop and improve menus. a menu cycle is used to ensure that there is monthly reviewing for variety. all menus bring enjoyment and enhance life through liberalization. use of tools and processes to determine nutritional content in food. and specification of portion sizes in each menu cycle

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