Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Outline And Discuss The Main

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Outline and discuss the main features of fascist political thought. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

Example of those who became Prince by abilities includes. Moses from the bible, Cyrus the founder of Persian Empire, Romulus the famous founder of Rome and Theseus, a hero of Athens. In this book he has a goal to pass a message on how principalities can be governed in the best way and stored (Niccolò,&nbsp.Russell & Quentin 2005). Machiavelli goes ahead and adds that hereditary principalities are easier to keep and maintain than the newly acquired ones because the rules are already set on the ground to follow.

In hereditary principalities it is easier to regain lost power by regaining the love of his subjects again. He also talks about new principalities and mixed principalities which can be administered to the existing ones to the subjects. New rulers come with new territories and if they are from the same culture, region and language, ruling becomes easy. However, if the language and customs are different the new ruler needs a lot of skills, ability and luck to govern the subjects. He gives an example of King Louis XII who went to France in 1499 and adds that the king made many mistakes during his reign. He goes ahead and gives the three ways of keeping principality that is accustomed to living under its own rules. One can destroy it, live in it or accept a form of free government that is friendly and then it gets credits from it. Destroying it may be the only sure way to end it otherwise living in it could enslave one. According to Machiavelli, men who have ambitions, imitate other men with greatness. For a man to become a prince by ability, he has to win over their dominions by setting up new and inventive methods of government. It is necessary to use force to start a new system for example, Savaronola. However, one has to be armed to succeed after use of force. An example of a Prince who rose to the top through abilities is Francesco Sforza, the Duke form Milan. Due to his abilities, he sustained power easily and he ended up

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