Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Organizational Development I 1

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Organizational Development in HRD Case Study. It needs to be at least 750 words.

She manages the situation stating that knowing more about the history and long term objectives of the firm is essential to answer their queries. The members are happy with the interaction as they have little knowledge about CQI. Stepchuck is taking advantage of the client’s ignorance by assigning Todd as an expert in CQI. Although Todd is genuine and wants to ensure openness, the president insists her to continue with the project. Now Todd has two options. either quit the job or take up the role of CQI expert.

(1). At this juncture, the new job raises certain ethical dilemmas that Todd has to address immediately. Both ‘role ambiguity and role conflict’ are identified in the context, because as stated above “neither the client nor the OD practitioner is clear about the respective responsibilities” (p. 62). Moreover, the role ambiguity and role conflict will lead to subsequent dilemmas especially ‘coercion, value and goal conflict, and technical ineptness’.

To illustrate, Todd does not want to jeopardize her honesty while working with the new project. At the same time she wants to help her client in some way, though CQI is not her cup of tea. The current dilemmas can be solely attributed to the unethical stance of Todd’s employer, because his intention is entirely different from that of the client firm and his staff Todd. Evidently, Stepchuck is running a profit driven business heeding little attention to the actual needs or interests of the clients. As the case indicates, if the client is not sure about the issues they want to address, an unethical professional like Stepchuck tends to take unfair advantage of the situation. Even if Todd undertakes the assignment, she may have to face challenges associated with the stated dilemmas.

(2). The way Todd responded to the situation at the meeting seems reasonable. A professional like Todd does not want to disclose the

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