Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Marketing Strategy Defining

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Marketing Strategy: Defining the Target and Positioning Jim’s Cleaning. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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Given the exceptional, extraordinary and outstanding reputation of Jim’s Cleaning in Australia, different individuals, families, and business continue to call and deal with them for their quality cleaning services. Over the years, its customers remain to repeat its business transactions with them which have enabled the company to grow and expand to over 3000 franchisees all over the country. Nonetheless, the competition in the business remains tough. James Cleaning, Planet Cleaning and CRC Professionals are among the bigger competitors of Jim’s. In addition to that, there exist smaller cleaning services which provide the same service but of much lesser price which serve also as threats to the company. In this regard, Jim’s Cleaning Group recognises the need to grasp an understanding of the customers. This need is backed up by the growing competition in the business. …

Situation Analysis Internal Environment Customer Needs and Wants Cleanliness is not just a luxury but a necessity indeed. Jim’s Cleaning Group sees the needs and wants of the Australian population for cleaning services that would definitely satisfy this demand for service. In particular, given people’s busy schedule or even the unwillingness to perform the cleaning task, Jim’s Group has addressed this demand for quality services that is the most convenient for the customers’ needs and wants. Whether it is domestic, corporate or car type of cleaning, Jim’s can do this sort of “dirty work” for its customers. Market Summary Jim’s Cleaning Group is able to expand its business nationally because of its quality cleaning service that customers continue to patronise. With such top class reputation of being a cleaning service provider, about 96% recognises Jim’s in Australia. It has its own base of regular customers as well as new and irregular customers who try the service of Jim’s. Market Demographics Currently, Jim’s Cleaning Group has over hundreds of thousands customers in different boundaries of Australia. The profiles of customers are varied in terms of geographic, demographic, behavioural factors as well as type of cleaning services needed. However, Jim’s lacks a database of who their customers are, their contact details and how often they avail services. Marketing Efforts The website of Jim’s Cleaning Group is its key marketing tool that promotes its business of cleaning services. However, this main marketing material is not enough given the competition in the business.

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