Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Management Organis Behaviour

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on MANAGEMENT & ORGANIS BEHAVIOUR. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

a) Structure: The Company is faced with an issue of conflict management and there is a lack of good team work. Alpha has several excellent leaders like Mr. Ian Davidson. Captain Chubb, Mr. Ang, however due to the behavior of Mr. Ang and his hasty decisions the company has been faced with a very poor performance. The company also lacks a clear organizational structure and there is a confused organizational structure that is being followed within the company. This causes the performance to be reduced to a great extent and leads the overall team work to be overlooked.

b) Leadership: Although Alpha has a strong set of leaders and a great management team all together the company still does not perform well. This is simply due to lack of qualities to lead the team as well as the time management issue by most leaders. The company also lacks a strong leader who can perform as per the needs of the company and in line with the needs of the employees as well.

c) Strategies, Culture and Motivation: Alpha utilizes a very centralized approach of management within the organization currently. This also causes high levels of stress and leads to lowered motivation among the employees. The main cause of the stress that is being present in the company is due to the lack of a strong company structure. Also the lack of strong and well structured leadership leads to high levels of politics and confusions among the employees. There is also a clear cognitive dissonance among the leaders of the teams which in turn leads to the employees not being sure of the work they need to do and also causing a very stressful and uncooperative behavior among all the members of the teams.

d) Rewards System and Job Satisfaction: The level of job satisfaction is relatively low and the reward systems that are in place at the current time require a great deal of change and improvements. The employees need to have a better reward system to help improve the motivation and also to focus on a

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