Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Light Pollution And Diurnal

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Light pollution and diurnal motion. It needs to be at least 250 words.

The spectral lines between them showed two separable stars. The third part a very distinctive star that I saw was the contact binaries star. This kind of stars appear when two stars are close in separation that it is possible for tidal forces to come into play as described by Schneider & Arny in “Binary stars“ (Pg. 4). Stars are not solid bodies, but rather they are made of gases, such stars are very hard to count but I could count about 10 different tiny types of stars around this kind of star.

Due to curiosity of learning I moved some distance away from civilization and identified the same three stars. I realized that from a different view the visual binary number reduced to 35 stars around it and the spectroscopic star became more visible that I could see the two different stars clearly with around 8 small stars surrounding them. The contact binary was still the same. There was no clear visualising to count more stars than before. I carried out different test in tracking the location of the stars from the North Star in different times of the day. I realised that the main source of star movement is light waves and like any waves when they are emitted they move out in all directions with its centre is maintained at the centre. When the star moves away from the North Star it is seen as the absorption of or emission lines in spectrum (Schneider & Arny, 2013). The shifts in these cases depend with a lot of factors but the major one from my perspective is the atmospheric change and the stars formation. The spectroscopic star shifted further from the North Star than all the other stars followed by the contact

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