Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On It Has To Be A Article On En

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on It has to be a article on english language learners. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The article pointed to some literature about semantic processing between monolinguals and bilinguals and the assumption that bilinguals are as adept as monolinguals when it comes to conceptual processing of tasks such as picture naming.

The study conducted an experiment by recruiting 31 English-speaking monolinguals and 31 Spanish English bilinguals from the University of San Diego. One hundred eighty pictures were shown to the participants to determine which group performed better at naming pictures. The method for interpreting the data used ANOVA analysis. The authors proposed that bilinguals primarily differ from monolinguals when they name pictures in their dominant language due to the “degree of experience that they have had with picture names particular to that language” ( p.8). Nevertheless, the study is not that conclusive since repetition and attenuation must be thoroughly considered in further experiments.

In conclusion, the author’s ideas may be considered by early education teachers of the English language to bilingual students . This study can be helpful in understanding the learning needs of bilingual students specially those who belong to marginalized groups. There is no need for a change in policy but a better orientation for English teachers. I highly suggest that this study be a required reading for English teachers so that curriculum would be attuned to the needs of the learners.

The second article is titled Assessing the Advantages of Bilingualism for the Children of Immigrants1 by Tanya Golash-Bolza. The article was published in the journal Internal Migration Review in 2005. The purpose of the study is to :

“ examine whether or not children of immigrants in the United States benefit from being bilingual. These analyses reveal whether there are costs to resisting linguistic assimilation or if it makes no difference at all so long as students attain English proficiency. More specifically, this study addresses whether

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