Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Introduction For Postnatal D

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Introduction for Postnatal Depression (PND). It needs to be at least 2000 words.

irth but these issues are distinct from postnatal depression by means of preponderance, the clinical demonstration of the illness, the time of onset, period of illness, and time of recurrence of disease.

The most usual mental illness linked with post pregnancy and birth of the child is unipolar depression either major or minor, this depression can happen to any women anytime after the childbirth and within the first postnatal year. Postnatal depression is chiefly second to women with caesarean cases, as these cases result in more frequent complexities during and after childbirth (Walsh, pp. 24-29, 2009). During the last few years, the facilities and services rendered to the expected women, mothers and their infants have undergone major improvements complimenting with exponential decline in death rate of infants and the expecting women (Affonso et al, pp. 255-271, 1991). These improvements are due to the development in different departments such as obstetrics and medicine, bettered obstetric standards, much improved midwifery care and concern, and the development in health education, social service, health of people and maintenance of general hygienic environment.

Nevertheless, the sector of mental healthcare has not achieved such great improvements in order to reduce the mental illness and depression among the expecting women, mothers and their infants. The wide range of variation in symptoms of the mental illness can result in difficulty in diagnosis of postnatal depression (Affonso et al, pp. 255-271, 1991). The situation gets even more difficult when the women do not have enough knowledge to understand the symptoms as signs of depression or if the corporeal symptoms have greater influence than the symptoms of mental illnesses.

Sad, gloomy, irritated and exhausted moms attend the primary care more often but with issues related to their child only and not themselves. Authentic methods and reliable techniques are compulsory in order to recognize depression and

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