Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Interactive Research Methods

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Interactive research methods. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

According to Gov Uk (2013) “Ethnographic research can provide a significant amount of qualitative data, and analysis can be time consuming”. There certain key principles for ethnographic research.

1) Grounding – An ethnographic research need to be grounded and should not drift away from reality or established theory. This makes the conclusion more of with assertive value and evidence based and credible.

2) Evolution and Emergence – Exploration enhances the researching ability of the researcher and his interpretation and understanding will tend to evolve. Initial ideas are tentative and can theories finalize only after repetitive exploration.

4) Detail – This research requires strong attention to detail, giving importance to even minute information’s. The construction of a certain sentence spoken or a particular word can be of great importance and if unnoticed can bring variation in results.

6) Immersion – The researcher needs to immerse in the data for an extended period to discover details from the complex situations and information’s. There may be occasions of reflection, reading notes repeatedly and bringing aspects together to achieve at a conclusion,

8) Induction and Deduction – Induction and deduction is a crucial aspect of ethnographic research and induction applies to the development of a thesis by reviewing the data. Deduction is the generalization from this hypothesis implying other areas of research. It is needed the after induction and deduction, the conclusion is verified for its credibility.

9) Integration – Last but not least, integration plays a key part in qualitative research as it links fact and co – relate information to form a meaning. This can be done within the study and by using discoveries, concepts and theories.

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