Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Ilm Level 2 Problem Solving

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on ILM-Level 2 (Problem Solving and making decisions). It needs to be at least 1500 words.

As during the last decades the energy and utilities industries have been influenced by the great changes in terms of pricing, regulatory and legislative mandates, the Government Utility Company provides necessary information to the companies, while it is directly accountable to the people and serves the interests of all members and consumers.

Navigating modern challenges of securing energy supply at reasonable costs and optimizing operational efficiency and customer service, the Government Utility Company aims to turn such challenges into opportunities. When dealing with the consultants and contractors, the critical set of requirement is the approval which will be necessary for obtaining the required utility interconnection and for success completion of the certain project. To get such approval, the company should comply with the local rules and codes such as electrical safety and follow legal and procedural requirements. Besides, customer-centric approach is not the last thing of importance and while serving for consumers, it should be also paid much attention (Procurement guide: CHP siting and permitting requirements, 2015).

In these terms, the Government Utility Company considers that the main problem for the consultants is the poor ability in provision of approvals to the customers that can cause problems further. Thus its offers the improvement opportunity in the existing services, especially taking into account that there is a room for improvement in terms of the approval to be needed on the regular basis and technical requirements for interconnection of electricity to the projects should be abided by contractors and consultants. Besides, regulatory intervention standardization and equipment certification increase risks of company’s failure to meet the customers’ needs by technical and contractual requirements for connection approval. Specializing in conducting consultancy practices in electric services, the Government Utility

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