Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Humanitarian Ethics It Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Humanitarian Ethics. It needs to be at least 750 words.

In this meaning, the antonym is “amoral”, indicating an inability to distinguish between right and wrong. The second denotes the active practice of those values. In this sense, the antonym is “immoral”, referring to actions that violate ethical principles.

Personal ethics signifies a moral code applicable to individuals, while social ethics means moral theory applied to groups. Social ethics can be synonymous with social and political philosophy, in as much as it is the foundation of a good society or state.

This moral power in man involving the exercise of man’s greatest endowments of freedom, rights and duties, is a most distinctive feature of the human personality. Much as the spirit, the soul giverns and permeates the whole human body in a human person, so this moral prerogative of man prevails over, permeates and pervades the whole totality of human activity. While all other aspects of human life may be confined and categorized into separate compartments, this moral characteristic of man transcends, penetrates and invades all compartments of human living, all phases of human endeavor. For man is principally and primarily a human person whose highest faculty is his moral power, his willpower, his freedom.

Hence, there cannot be, for instance, in the practical world of human affairs such a thing as purely economic matter, a purely political problem or question, a pure artistic undertaking, and the like – entirely apart from and independent of all moral connections and considerations.

Much of the present day problems rising from conflicting claims of authority and powers, when seen in the light of the explained postulate of the primacy of the spirit and morality disappear or point to their own solutions.

Unfortunately, because of the crassly materialistic temper and tenor of our times, the moral angle is often overlooked, moral authority is often bypassed or

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