Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Government Office And Its Cu

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Government office and its customer service. It needs to be at least 500 words.

However, the government has been criticized because of its inefficiency that arises from influences of the politicians that are interested in keeping power via investment.

The DPS has been too aggressive because it is one of the significant partners in the government. This was criticized because it caused delay in the privatization of the national telecoms carrier. Further, it caused inefficiency in the tobacco company that forced serious restructuring of government. The DPS’s ethnic of the Turkish constituency has a significant interest in the tobacco sector, and during 2007, it was criticized of frustrating the sale of tobacco under the successor government. According to Cohen, Eimicke, and Heikkila (10), the government, especially DPS has been moving to modernize its capability to offer fast, high quality customer service, but it lags behind the private sector. The government is viewed as wasteful and corrupt when offering the resources required in a different office.

This has affected the credibility and even the possibility of efforts to organize, legalize and plan the customer services. Meanwhile, the government has lost its image as an institution where people can do well and serve their fellow customers. The government employees have suffered an essential decline in status in the recent years due to increase of negative perception from public. It has been criticized because it lacks methods to convince customers to effect change and improve their lives via working in government offices. The government’s forceful effort to attack the pentagon has not significantly changed the common perceptions of government. According to Cohen, Eimicke, and Heikkila (5), the focus on tax cut and downsizing the customers have increased the criticism of government because it finds more difficult to respond to crisis of persistent public problems. This is caused by the inefficiencies in the government budgeting and

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