Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Government 2301 Judicial Pro

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Government 2301 Judicial Project. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

He as made some land mark decision for example, on 17th January 2006, he dissented with Thomas Clarence and Scalia Antonin in Gonzalez v. Oregon, which held that the act of controlled substance doesn’t allow the attorney general of the U.S to stop physicians from prescribing drugs that will assist in suicidal for the terminally ill as the Oregon law permit, the issue was the interpretation of the case. Robert received a senate confirmation vote of seventy eight against twenty two.

Clarence Thomas graduated from the law school in England. Thomas was appointed as an assistant Attorney general in Missouri and also practiced private law their. He was appointed as assistant Civil rights secretary at the department of education. He joined the U.S court of appeal for Columbia circuit in 1990. He has taken a judicially conservative perspective trying to uphold what he perceives to be the original meaning of the constitution. He was among the three judges who dissented in Hamdan V. Rumsfeld. In this case he was also the only one who conquered with the fourth circuit that congress had the power of authorizing the president’s detention of soldiers. Thomas received fifty two votes to forty eight.

Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg is an associate justice in the Supreme Court. He appointed in was in 1993 and received. Prior to Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg appointment to Supreme Court, she had served as a federal judge for thirteen year in the U.S court of appeal of Columbia. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg has spent a bigger part of her career as citizenship status of men and women’s advocate. Not only did she also engage in advocacy as a volunteer lawyer but she was also a member o board of directors for ACLU and also its general counsel. She was the one who administered the oath of office for Al gore in 1999. Ginsburg is the second woman to be an associate judge of the US supremacy court. She has had many health problems over the last mainly, early last year she was diagnosed

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