Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Global Health It Needs To Be

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Global Health. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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On the other hand, World systems theory emphasizes the interconnections of countries in the global capitalist production process, which results in an uneven distribution of profits across the countries depending on their participation in core or peripheral production activities (Explaining global inequality). This dependency theory tries to explain the pitfalls towards development and economic growth among the third world countries for instance, the un-proportional resource allocation as seen in the industrialization sectors and agricultural sectors. the underutilized routes like management of surplus productions to enhance economic growth other than development of underdevelopment. The relationship between the rich and the poor is much of the approach in understanding dependency ratio (Peet 43). Unlike the dependency system, the world systems theory on the other hand tries to explain the network of forces that have come into being through the intervention of man with an intention to shape the whole system other than a single unit towards development. …

Dependency theory is opposed to the reality that not all countries in the commodity production chains benefit variedly while world system theory acknowledges the same since specific tasks occur in geographically separate environments. From the world systems point of view, global health that is measured in terms of injuries, diseases famine and displacement are harms, which are largely associated to it. The other interference from the world systems approach is on rights, justice, and responsibilities. It is argued that world systems is the root cause for violations within a nation and beyond the boundaries. Multinational companies have been traversing the globe in search of minerals to mine and expand their business, however in the course of their duty they leave behind devastated landscape, which make the citizens of those countries vulnerable to famine. On the same note, the orientation of their business is exploitative thus. the nation in which they are mining the minerals is in a way deprived of their wealth (Explaining global inequality). The connection of this to health is directly the same as the wealth status of the nation. When a nation is mark timing in development since it cannot accumulate substantial amount of wealth, then there comes a time when it can hardly afford to facilitate the health and education of its citizens. However, if a country works toward expanding their business opportunities, it will eventually have sufficient resources to influence development within and outside their country as seen among global market players.

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