Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Ethnicity And Multiculturali

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Ethnicity and Multiculturalism. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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Those who support the concept of population genetics believe that genetic differences are attributable to physical variations between human populations. The sociologists refute the view of geneticists because they do not give convincing explanation about social relationships and cultural inheritance between people. Further, the social scientists suppose that race belongs to discontinuous category, which is in contrary to perception of biological scientists. Biological scientists portray that the differences in outward appearance is attributable to continuous variations. Malik argues that there is no harmonious definition of the word race. According to him, popular views hold that race is tantamount to colour. Malik argues that many people categories races according to their physical appearances (Malik 1996:130). Many scholars studying conflicts in different parts of the world have believe that races are the major cause of misunderstanding. Theories of ethnic relations such as functionalism have a deep concern about majority and minority relations. The theory of functionalism allude that majority-minority relation disrupts the unity and coherence of societies making them dysfunctional. This is because such relationships divide society along lines of ethnicity, religion, and race. Functionalists concur with the arguments that ethnic stratification is a dire issue that requires minimisation. However, they point out that it is impossible to eliminate social stratification because of existence of diversity in societies. Ethnocentrism is the biggest challenge to the fight of ethnicity. The arguments of the different authors reveal that ethnic identity is in a state of flux. Ethnic identity is a serious state of uncertainty. Ethnic identity is a significant part of overall framework of collective and individual uniqueness. Individuals want to maintain and manifest their culture amidst a mixture of different cultures. Many players take part in creating confidence in different ethnic factions. For instance, familial, religious, neighbourhood and educational communities instil cultural traditions and values to ethnic groups. These players endeavour to make the members of ethnic factions to see the sense of positive sense of ethnic identity and confidence. Media messages and negative treatments received from others strengthen the forces of individuals to identify themselves as a unique race. The media messages allude that the minority have a different constitution that is less pleasing within the typical society. This creates unconsciousness to the minority groups, which makes them to segregate themselves from the larger society. The groups believe that they share a common heritage and should protect it under all circumstances. Individuals feel that they have a common link because of similar traditions, values, beliefs, and traditions. This allows people to make sense of the world around them. Moreover, individuals find pride in their identity (Rex and Mason, 1987:164). The efforts of ethnic identity are in a state of uncertainty. The historical experience of depict that social injustice such as interracial rape of women. Fanon illustrates that the white confrontation with black women is a violent one. This is black women subjectivity that dooms their efforts to establish identity. Racial problems have existed in countries such as Europe and United States.

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