Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Eng Topics In Litersture Dis

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on ENG Topics in Litersture Discssion Board. It needs to be at least 750 words.

a bill from Jamestown Liquors indicates that Allyson has been drinking with her husband, Clark, who is more than twice her age, because time is running out. Clark’s varied pumpkin carvings is an expression of shock, sadness, and eventually acceptance of Allyson’s condition. As Allyson is faced up with death, Clark imparted to Allyson’s soul to move on, for there is no need to worry about him. In the end, the pumpkins became the symbol of Allyson’s loving memory, of the memories Clark and Allyson spent with each other.

Initially, I found the story too sad to read. The presence of the pumpkins in the story gave me a premonition that the story is all about death and sorrow. The similarities in Allyson and Clark’s facial features, despite their wide age difference, made a perception that Allyson looks too old for her age. Is she sick or something? Clark is old enough to be her father. But when it was mentioned that Allyson has been wearing a wig, it was only then that my guess were confirmed. She is indeed sick. Sick with cancer? Maybe she had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments which may explain her baldness. Her volunteer work for a daycare center further gave me an idea that she is seriously ill, despite maybe of her chemotherapy treatments. She can still work, had she wanted to if she is in a dire financial need. But she opted to spend her afternoons in a volunteer work, thus giving readers an indication that she is spending her remaining time in a me aningful way, the most meaningful way that she possibly could.

Going through the mail, the bill Allyson found from Jamestown Liquors can be interpreted that Allyson and Clark had been drinking these past few months or days. On the other hand, I found it puzzling when they had received a letter from “Clark’s relations up North” and enclosed with a gift check signed by Jesus H. Christ. Reading the word North, I thought it was a letter from Santa Claus hearing out Clark’s Christmas wishes. But

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