Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Effects Of Re Education On P

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Effects of re-education on poor hand washing. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

methods have been initiated to enlist the input of the healthcare providers in hospital setting and home-based care by family members of the patient. Awareness creation through education remains a critical approach in dealing with this problem as the observed trend has been found to be attributed to inadequate information on procedure and significance of the exercise. Although the healthcare facilities management knows that hand hygiene is instrumental in reducing hospital related infection, there has been limited education campaign pointed towards the nurses and patient’s relatives. It is therefore important to note that re-education remains the appropriate measure in improving on the incidences of hospital acquired infections (Filetoth, 2002). Hand hygiene re-education should be conducted by encouraging hand washing by health care workers before seeing patients, after contact with bodily fluids, before invasive procedures, and after removing gloves.

The increasing incidence of hospital acquired infection has raised concerns and requires more attention through education on hand hygiene. Although the information is available in hospitals, there has been significant ignorance and negligence by the nurses towards proper hand hygiene as a mitigation measure. It is therefore critical to underline the need to develop a sound education program to improve quantity and quality (completeness of hand rubbing and drying time) of hand hygiene. Exhaustive analysis of the findings on the efforts towards hand hygiene forms the basis of ascertaining the impact of education on cases of hospital acquired infections.

The aim of the hand hygiene solution through washing is to emphasize building or strengthening capacity so that hand hygiene improvement is seen as and becomes an integrated component of a broader Hospital Acquired Infection prevention strategy.

Poor hand washing is responsible for complex patient condition as it is not accounted for during diagnosis as it

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