Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Ebersole Toward Healthy Agin

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Ebersole:Toward Healthy aging. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Touching may result in several emotional responses as Ebersole (2008) explains. Touching may invoke sexual attraction between partners, and touching may lead to emotional healing and recovery when done with the compassion and concern required. Moreover, touching enhances the body awareness and movement, which is mostly attained through self-touch. McGlone et al (2007) moreover add that traumatic emotional issues may arise from touching.

The four touch zones as Ebersole elaborates are the intimate, personal, public and social zones. Love making occurs in the intimate zone, while the personal zone refers to an arm’s length distance. The social zone refers to a case where formal relations are prevalent, while in public zone no physical contact occurs.

Self-adaptors amounts to an individual making a non-signaling gesture, which may entail a scratch on the body, massaging of the neck, among other non-signaling gestures which are made when making a speech. Such gestures can be used in defining personalities. such self-touch movements are aimed at enhancing personal reassurance and confidence when in a group of people.

Benefits of therapeutic touch include reducing stress, relieving pain, stimulating emotional and physical healing, and promoting relations among others (McGlone et al, 2007). Such touch has been proved to reduce anxiety in patients waiting for surgical operations.

According to a recent formulation of the psychoanalytical theory, in later life, mothers will tend to deviate from relating with their sons and develop continuity and oneness with their daughters because they are from the same sex. The vice versa is also true for fathers and their sons.

The four components include sexuality, which is the totality of whom we are, what we believe, feel, and how we respond. intimacy, and relationships, which relates to interconnectedness. sensuality implying the enjoyment of one’s body and sexual identity (Ebersole, 2008)

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