Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Druckers Contribution To Man

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Druckers Contribution to Management Theory and Practice. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

Managers ought to be good at planning, organizing, leading and controlling as well as making decisions and they should be able to analyze situations and find solutions to the problems that may exist. As noted in the above definition of management, it is primarily concerned with getting things done through people. Thus, effective management is tied to the organization’s overall performance and is mainly seen as a twofold process where managers seek to accomplish the task and satisfy the employees at the same time.

He invented most if not all of the modern management concepts. Drucker was interested in the growing understanding that organizations should run on the basis of knowledge management than employees doing the work using their hands. Knowledge management is a virtue in the running of an organization. The employees must be equipped with the knowledge or given the opportunity to acquire the much-needed skills to perform various tasks expected of them. This can be achieved through the socialization of the employees. Thus, socialization posits that individuals are quick to learn through interaction. Through his cognitive learning theory, Vygotsky (1962, 1968) believes that social growth is caused mainly by social interaction. Psychologically, an individual can use his mind to learn something with the aim of changing behavior towards something while external factors can as well play a pivotal role in influencing the behavior of somebody. In this way, development is meant to improve the welfare of an identified target group which share common values and norms. Knowledge is relative in most cases and the culture of an organization constitutes the individual’s symbolic world to which meaning and sense are ascribed during the learning process.

In their quest to gain knowledge, members of the organization ought to engage in collective learning that creates norms, shared assumptions and beliefs that become organizational culture. An organizational culture is created by the members who learn and gain experience of doing things from those around them in a given situation. To enhance an organization’s cohesion, it is imperative to create a culture that promotes innovative ways of identifying a problem and finding a solution (Locke and Kirkpatrick, 1995). Thus, open communication between members of that particular organization should be built on the basis of creating mutual trust and an atmosphere of respect. Thus, learning can be effective where organizational culture can integrate with individual’s values, perceptions and capabilities in the workplace. It is the duty of the management to ensure that they put structures in place that promote collective learning among the members of an organization.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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