Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Detailed Critical Analysis O

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Detailed critical analysis of two or more of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s ‘terrible sonnets’. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

In parallelism, the arrangement gets coordinated with the thoughts to demonstrate the effect of the relationship (Feeney 1989, p. 269).

Hopkins also repeats the word can, i.e., “In me, most weary cry can no more. I can, can…, hope, wish day…, not to be.” In the above sentence, two types of parallelism can be observed. First, there is the repeated use of the word can. this creates rhyme in the poem. The second show of parallelism is through the use of the words hope and wish simultaneously in the same line. These words portray the positive thoughts of the author.

Parallelism gets used in the line, ‘me frantic to avoid thee and flee’. The words avoid and flee get used to show that the author is running away from something. Impotence when approached by God. Hopkins faces depression and despair, by returning to his connection with God, he immediately realizes that there exists a reason behind his depression. He sees the depression as a sign of test from God. After this, Hopkins begins the recovery path. He starts the long journey back to normalcy. He still wonders if the comfort found from kissing the rod and rejoicing in the temptations imposed by God, bring pleasure to God or himself (John 1942, p. 112).

Hopkins reveals the nature of despair after the long spiritual struggle. He starts by revolting against despair and then faces the struggle. This ultimately increases his despair. Afterwards, he questions his assailant’s motivation for putting him amidst all this trials and tribulations. However, throughout his problems, he still finds joy and strength in God, the precipitator of his trouble.

Hopkins finds the answer to his long struggle as submission. He uses strong metaphors, biblical imagery and diction to bring forward his ordeals. Hopkins conveys the message of his struggling and heightens the conflict by addressing the despair he faces. He brings out the image of “feasting” on “carrion” and

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