Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Design Test Rig It Needs To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Design Test Rig. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

In some cases, test rigs are designed depending on the equipment to be tested.

One example of a commercial test rig is the Crash Test Rig designed and fabricated by JK Controls Limited. The apparatus comprises of a trolley that hauls the sample being tested. The trolley, which moves along a track by rotating rubber cords, is stopped abruptly by applying a decelerating force using a solid beam (JK Controls Limited, n.d). The test rig facilitates the determination of the required braking force of equipment, which is dependent on the weight of the equipment, braking materials and the speed. Another example of a commercial test rig is the Aircraft Wing Brake Test Rig designed and fabricated by JK Controls Limited. The rig tests the braking system of an aircraft by subjecting a rotating shaft (of a prototype) to a brake that is electrically operated. The shaft, which rotates at 1500 rpm, has to be halted by the brake within 40ms (JK Controls Limited n.d).

The test rig being designed will operate on the same basic principle, the application of a braking force to a rotating disk to prevent it from rotating. At equilibrium state, the braking beam will be in contact with the surface of the disk (stationary). The contact action will be achieved through a locking mechanism. Once the operator applies a force on the braking beam, at the contact patch, the braking beam retracts from the disk, which allows the disk to rotate. The test rig will be used for determining braking force required to stop a rotating disk within a given time. Therefore, the applied force will be used to disengage the braking system to allow the disk to rotate. Once the operator withdraws this force, the braking system will be engaged.

The basic operation principle of the test rig is similar to the Crash Test Rig and the Aircraft Wing Brake Test Rig presented above. However, the rig will contain several other components that will work together to achieve the ultimate goal, braking action. Concept

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