Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Creating And Capturing Value

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Creating and capturing value through corporate p ortfolio management. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

In this case, the ability to have effective strategies and approaches in managing their running costs and increasing their particular value chains goes a long way in increasing business’ competitive advantages.

Despite the uncertain existing business environment, organisations in the modern times have remained to face mounting pressure in the process of creating effective and reliable innovation in order to grow, expand and remain successful (Bonham 2005, 27). In this case, technology has seemed to be the most reliable aid, helping organisations to develop various aspects of value addition and qualitative elements in the products and services they develop. Additionally, business organisations in modern times are supposed to ensure that they effectively maintain their costs and other operational efficiencies, something that pause a serious challenge especially as far as economic challenges that keep changing affects business practices.

It is important to ensure that as the business prepare to grow and take on the increasing opportunities in different countries with globalisation. many are faced with inadequate abilities as far as portfolio management resources and practices is concerned (Brentani 2004, 51). Businesses are currently involved in various practices that can increase their abilities to undertake effective portfolio management, with the aim of creating effective competitive advantages and increasing their market share. This paper examines the process of effective portfolio management as undertaken by General Electric, an American company, a multinational conglomerate that deals in various aspects of energy, capital finance, technological infrastructure as well as different kinds of industrial and consumer products and services.

General Electric, often abbreviated as GE is a multinational conglomerate that has an America origin, with its headquarters in New York City at the Fairfield, Connecticut (Wald 2011,

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