Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Competitors Subs Price Cours

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Competitors/Subs-Price Course Project. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Ford also re-vamped its Mustang in an attempt to keep pace with its competitors, while Chrysler has been plying its retro Charger, trying to entice a younger audience to join the ranks of Chrysler customers. The three corporations have also created a global online platform for exchange by suppliers and original equipment manufacturers.

General Motors possess the strength in their global awareness and presence in todays market. They have manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 192 countries and have the largest sales annually. In the global market share, General Motors has made advances in the E-Business strategy and technology for the Asian automotive industry and made it a opportunity for the company. It has put I place the strategy of producing a higher percentage of cars rather tha their usual trucks.GM has also opened retail stores that sell commodities like miniature models of General Motors manufactured cars and racing cars among others.

The Chrysler Corporation covers many well-known brands such as the Dodge, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, and Jeep. All these are well recognized around the world. The company a large worldwide presence through its many partnerships with various brands globally like Daimler and Mitsubishi .these allow for more product exposure. Its strategies are incorporated in its objectives that are global presence, Strong Brands, Broad product range, and Technology leadership.

In India, General Motors India Limited have received 3 safety awards for its plants and has been applauded for being the first car manufacturer to embrace the green thing which is engulfing the automotive world with the manufacturing of the Chevrolet. However, the real rivals of the Ford in India in the sports car arena include Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Audi that have already been selling sports cars in India. Even with the stiff competition The Ford Mustang will definitely earn

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