Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Change Management Paper It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Change Management Paper. It needs to be at least 750 words.

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He came in as a tough and very aggressive manager, always demanding results from employees across all company outlets. This new approach to leadership faced initial resistance by some outlet managers who stuck to old style of business operations. His concerted efforts, together with his likeminded team, helped turn around company operations while at the same time maintaining its traditional appeal (Roush, 1999, p. 171)1. Images of Managing Change Capacity building and trainings are conducted across all management levels to keep its employees up to date with requisite skills. These are necessary in positioning the company as a leader in provision of consumer responsive business solutions. These forums changed employee attitude towards work by adopting performance based approach to management. The overall benefit associated with this culture change is increasing sales volumes. The company is introducing policy papers and action plans for instance. it implemented a Strategic, Operating and Resource Planning (SOAR) program that completely overhauled its internal environment. This improved its daily business practice and human resource management to become a store with efficient processes which improved accountability and transparency. Home Depot opened its doors for clients to engage productively in shaping organisation culture, and is now more responsive to consumer needs (Cummings &amp. Worley, 2009, p. 14)2. Such programs give employees the much needed motivation, shifting their approach to target keeping in line with company vision, and ensuring set goals are actualised. The SOAR action plan determines resource allocation, and ensures expansion plans are done according to projected growth forecasts in individual outlets. The company appreciates sales as an important department, and this informs changes in human resource management planning to focus on capacity building and training. These initiatives improve employee performance to scale up sales in an increasingly competitive business environment. It holds an annual meeting which assesses human resource needs, and then relevant changes are made to come up with a cohesive workforce. Environmental Changes That Drove Culture Change at Home Depot Advances in technology provide management with tools that has significantly improved internal communications infrastructure. Nardelli introduced a two hour conference call every Monday where outlet managers update him on weekly activities and closing financial reports. This changed the hands off approach which restricted coordination of activities between the two managerial levels. In the meeting, they set weekly targets in their respective lines of duty, and make decisions that improve business environment in both short and long term. This Monday meeting is conducted via video conferencing and is a great contribution to improved synergy witnessed in the management (Marcus, Blank &amp. Andelman, 1999, p.135)3. Employee empowerment strategy gave them power to set their performance targets, and top management helped in giving the right environment to ensure the set goals are met. For instance, they channel funds for expansion strategies and product diversification to stores with realistic growth forecasts. Employee attitude towards work is completely overhauled, and this makes them be part of the change process.

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