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Considering the volume of our consumption, the savings from a lowered fuel cost would surely enhance your bottom line.

Conversion is also relatively easy because the conversion kit is readily available and can be easily installed. The conversion cost is minimal which can easily be defrayed by the savings in gas. In addition, the carbon emission of a CNG powered bus is way lower than fossil based fuel thus enabling us to not only help save the environment but also from hefty government fines of smoke belching. Currently, most buses in the United States are already on CNG due to the above mentioned advantages.

Cleaning one’s bathroom can be challenge. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed on the things that needs to cleaned (sink, toilet and tub/shower) that we do not know where to start. We once tried cleaning it ourselves and it felt like it took forever just to clean it.

The key to cleaning a bathroom however entails knowing what and how to clean it to be able to finish it quickly. The first step in getting it done efficiently is to remove things that do not belong in the bathroom. Things that are not supposed to be in the bathroom is what makes cleaning it seem to be a drag.

One things that do not belong to the bathroom are removed (such as used shirt, trash, hangers, etch), it would be helpful to apply disinfectant and bleaching solution (zonrox) to the tiles, wall, faucet sink, toilet seat and its hole. This will soften the grime and the dirt which makes cleaning more efficient. Leave the disinfectant and bleach for a while. Remove the toiletries and also put disinfectant on their areas.

After few minutes, scrub the wall with a cleaning detergent first (I personally prefer Tide). They are easier to scrub with soap now because the bleaching solution melted the grimes. Then the faucet sink, the cabinets and the tub. Clean the toilet bowl last so that the disinfectant and bleaching

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