Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Business Plan Consulting One

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Business Plan / Consulting One Page Project Proposal Due. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Coffee and snacks would be competitively priced so that they are affordable for students. Environment has become major concern and therefore all products and services of the business would promote sustainable practices. The raw materials would be sourced from suppliers who promote environment conservation and ethical practices. Meeting Point would use biodegradable products like cups, glasses and serving plates. It would focus on creating brand value through innovative business practices and products and services. It would use viral marketing strategies to create brand equity. Various platforms of social networking would be utilized to continuously improve and improvise its products and services.

A coffee cup would be sold for $2.00 and sandwich and salad each would be for $2.50. As the coffee bar is situated near the Texas University, the anticipated number of students and other customers per day on weekdays is envisaged to be minimum 500. If we assume that 50% would prefer sandwich or salad with their coffee, the daily income from coffee and snacks would be around, $1625.00 and annual income would be around $507,000.00. The net annual income in the first year would be $168,800/- [income – (fixed cost + recurring cost)]. Thereafter, expected income or profit would be around $221,800 annually or $18,483/monthly. After deducting bank installment on loan, say around $3000 per month, the business is expected to earn a profit of around more than $15000 per month.

Through strict financial control and planning, quality service and hi-tech market strategy, success of the coffee bar would be ensured. With huge students’ population, the coffee bar is expected to become popular. Part of profit would be re-invested within the business to expand and diversify into other areas of service. As new avenues of income generation, we would invest in creating internet hubs, music hubs where customers with little extra charge, can enjoy

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