Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Blood And Cardivascular It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Blood and cardivascular. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Leucocytes use proteases, oxidants and moieties to protect the host. If any foreign microorganism enters the body, leucocytes identifies it and generate a chemical compounds that reacts with the microorganism. The immune system is dependant on the leucocytes. Immunity is a constant protection against any foreign antibody. Lack of leucocytes may lead to devastating infections (Hematology.org, 2014).

Platelets are binding agents in the blood stream. These cells remain inactive until a person gets an injury. When a person gets an injury in shape of external cut even a small one, the platelets in blood make a temporary bond at that place to stop the blood loss (Day, 2014).

Haemostasis refers to the body’s mechanism to immediately response to an injury. It represents coordination between the platelets and clotting proteins to cease the blood loss in case of any blood vessel injury. When one gets an injuring that cause bleeding, the haemostasis activates and binds the exposed part of the tissue with the factor seven coagulation protein. The factor even protein flows with the blood as its constant constituent. The binding of the exposed tissue and the protein develops a strong clot and stop the bleeding (Novonordisk.com, 2014).

Blood groups are determined due to presence of certain type of proteins present in the blood. These proteins are called antigens and antibodies. The surface of the red blood cells has antigens where as the blood plasma has the antibodies. Different blood groups are due to the different combination of antigens and antibodies. Mostly, a person has a similar blood group as one or either of the parents. However, sometimes, a person may a different blood group as that of the parents.

The persons with Blood group ‘O’ have red blood cells without any ‘A’ or ‘B’ antigens but blood plasma has both ‘A’ and ‘B’ antibodies. ‘O’ represent a zero (null) in this

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