Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Bernoullis Equation And Cons

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on BERNOULLIS EQUATION AND CONSERVATION OF MASS, ENERGY AND MOMENTUM. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

To find the flow rate you find the division between the volume and time taken to get 0.18kg/s. The percentage error was found to be 5.88% which is the rate of change of the theoretical value to the experimental value. The flow rate in the venture meter was established as shown in the calculation section. In the venture meter, the water is present in the three columns of manometers. The experiment did not matter if water was absent in every column. The two manometer columns were selected from where the measurements were taken. The diameters were recorded at the position where the manometer measured the static pressures. The heights of the fluids found in the manometer were recorded as shown in the calculation section.

Using the application of the Bernoulli’s equation and the conservation of the mass at the two positions. The fluid velocity at the two positions in the systems were determined. The computed values were reported as the calculations and measurements were undertaken.

Based on the taken velocity measurements, the mass flow rate was determined of the flow at the two sections. The values were then computed and calculated as shown below in the calculation sections. The mass flow rate was determined be the measurement of one liter. The determined values were determined and the calculations and measurements were taken. Comparing the two mass flow rate, they were not the same. The discrepancy is due to the difference in the diameter of the two pipes. The group members moved the Pitot tube from the paper’s upstream to a place downstream (Welty, 2001). Looking at the manometer connected to Pitot tube it was realized that the liquid in the pitot tube did not move. The Pitot tube is used to measure the total pressure.

The main objective of the experiment was to determine the force on the target from the impinging water jet. The experiment illustrated one of the

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