Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Assignment2 It Needs To Be A

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Assignment2. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The customer noticed that there was a problem with his skin and he starts making a research about the perfect cure for that by searching online, consulting a doctor, or asking a group of friend. After that, the customer can make a decision about what he wants. Next is the actual purchase of the facial product and finally, a post-purchase evaluation. When the customer was asked why she bought the facial mask she replied, “For treatment.” When asked why the mask is important to her, she says the product will treat black head and even tone making her to have a better skin and appearance. By having a better skin and appearance, she replied that she would be beautiful, healthy, and bright. Therefore, we know something about the features of the facial mask and her perception of the benefit which she has gained by that product’s feature (good health, beauty, and brightness). On the other hand, when asked “How do you feel when you are using the mask?” she replies “Relax and calm.” In this case, it can conclude that the benefit of using the facial mask for treatment is crucial to this customer since it results in the valued end state of self-esteem. In this regard, the customer responded that the benefit of using the facial mask was self-esteem (relaxed and calm) as well as for beauty, brightness, and good health. The process of establishing links between features, benefits, and valued end states is termed as a laddering interview. It involves asking a customer repeatedly to identify the reason why something is important to her.

As cited by Kuester (2012), a brand delivers the benefits which the customer truly desires. Branding also assists the customers to remember the product. The customer bought a facial mask of the Clearance brand not because of the product’s attributes but because of those attributes, combined with the brand’s image and many other intangible and tangible factors that created an attractive whole. In the same way,

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