Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Argument About Triffic Light

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Argument about triffic light camera. It needs to be at least 500 words.

She argues that these cameras help to record any misbehavior by police officers such as corruption of mistreatment. In addition, Mangu (3) supports the idea that these cameras can aid in security investigations. For instance, in London, camera footage led to speedy identification of July 2005 bombers. Eggers and Tushnet (1) say that a camera is a “crime fighting tool” to support the idea that security cameras help the police in protecting the public. They dismiss the idea that these cameras interfere with personal privacy on the ground that cameras are used everywhere including in supermarkets and bank ATMs and no one complains about privacy. Richard says that cameras must be “properly used and monitored” if they have to be effective in fighting crime (1). The implication is that the information from the cameras must be used for the right purpose to protect the privacy of the public. He cautions against abuse of information collected from cameras by the authorities. The three authors seem to agree that security cameras are necessary for public security.

Another group of scholars has criticized the use of surveillance cameras arguing that this violates the private rights of the public. Steinhardt (6-7) argues that surveillance cameras gather information that is private to the public and that those who use the information are not necessarily security bodies. Therefore, there is abuse of information collected by the surveillance cameras. He states that “cops – not cameras – fight crime” to show that the surveillance cameras are unnecessary tools in fighting crime (2). The New York Civil Liberties union (1) says that these cameras collect information that is “more than required” for fighting crime. This information can be shared, hence exposing the people’s privacy. The suggestion of this group is that the use of cameras be regulated to balance between public privacy rights and safety.

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