Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Are We Living In Post Modern

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Are we living in post modernity Society. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

19). In many instances, reality does not reflect in the understanding of new revolutions. however, it is inevitable to recognise the existing questions surrounding daily thought. In this light, the paper takes a deep look at whether we are in a post-modern society.

Postmodernism is a change or positive disruption in the 21st century from the late modern world characterised by rapid growth and new institutional ideas. In sociology, the beliefs and practices are not transcribed by special interest groups or defined by a set of categories (Max Horkheimer, 2002, pp. 96). Evidently, post modernism relies on evidence and not ideal theories or abstract ideas. It is also not a factor of moral and religious institutions, which are responsible for shaping the society. In the contemporary UK, there exists no agreement regarding post-modernity. nonetheless, specific evidence points out various factors. In essence, the UK has had significant transformations in the wake of growth and development. Correctly understanding the facets of post modernism plays an imperative role in acknowledging the new invention (Giddens, 1998, pp. 34). In the modernism period, faith replaced human reasoning to induce discovery of truth. In the same line of argument, modernity involved replacement of myths and superstition with science and religious faith to explain different phenomenon. The question, therefore, is have we traversed from the period or still embrace the unlimited progress.

The statement of living in post-modern acknowledges the importance of culture and resonate the main ideas of growth. Post modernism theory recommends cultural trends and dominant philosophical paradigms. It also fronts special approaches to solid beliefs towards knowledge. With regards to institutional features, access to technology and availability of information plays an inevitable role in determining whether we live in a modern or post-modern world. Arguably, the information revolution currently

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