Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Animal Diseases And How Effe

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Animal diseases and how effect in human. It needs to be at least 3750 words.

Basically, the growth of livestock production has resulted in the expansion of possibilities for the spread of disease. The methods of animal domestication, particularly the living and housing conditions of highly domesticated animals considerably create risks of exposure to disease-carrying organisms (Wyld 110). This thesis analyzes the current human health risks posed by the growing livestock industry, and the legal aspect of and solution to this problem.

The risks of disease can be prevented or lessened with proper techniques of animal domestication. Unfortunately, management of animal resources is largely tied to sustaining or boosting efficiency or output. Before, cattleman could care for animals more thoroughly. Nowadays, the number of cattlemen is not just fewer, but they are also obliged to attend to massive numbers of domesticated animals as cost efficiently and productively as possible (Sapkota et al. 663). The decrease in the number of workforce in livestock farming alongside the escalating production of domesticated animals can result in poor hygiene and disease management which, consequently, may lead to the spread of communicable disease among the domesticated animals and perhaps even transmission to human beings in the immediate vicinity. There is also the possibility of diseased animal protein contaminating the food chain and threatening the health of human beings (Sapkota et al. 663-664).

A particular disease control practice used in rigorous animal domestication is to recognize the commonness of disease or the chronic presence of viruses. Vaccinations and antibiotic medicines are hence regularly given in order to maintain the health and productivity of domesticated animals (Smith & Kelly 29). When disease epidemics take place, it may not be feasible to harvest stock because of the sheer size of the population of domesticated animals. Likewise, cattle houses may have been inadequately built and cannot be correctly or thoroughly sanitized, and

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