Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Analysis Of A System It Need

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Analysis of a System,. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

y with distance from the city due to presence of junction on the road. where there is a road junction at far distance from the road traffic diverts and leave the city centre with less traffic therefore leading to a reduction in traffic flow.

High population is associated with high expenses imposed services like water, electricity, medical services, schools, etc. and at the end the systems of the city get highly affected due to high population

The road conditions. poor road conditions leads to short term traffic volume because the capacity of the road is low and not able to accommodate traffic for a long time hence short term traffic volume.

Occupancy of the road. a low percentage of time the traffic and people occupy the road result in short-term traffic volume. It is because of the inability of the road to accommodate large number of the vehicles.

The time spent by vehicle to travel from a certain point of the road. shorter time spent by the vehicle within a road section implies a short-term traffic volume because there is no time wastage on the road section.

the design life of the road. the road designed for longer design life have long-term traffic volume within the design period. It is because the number of vehicles that can flow at that time is for a long time hence long-term traffic flow.

The conditions of the road. good conditions of the road leads to long term traffic flow because the road can be in the position to accommodate traffic volume for a long time hence long term traffic volume.

The class of the road. class A (national roads) have long-term traffic flow because they are the main roads linking a country to another and they are the main business roads that promote trade among countries.

High density of vehicle at the point of the road. heavy vehicle have high densities compared to small vehicles because they take larger area and have low travel speed that facilitate longer time of flow hence long term traffic

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