Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Analysis And Argumentative C

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Analysis and argumentative commentary for a case-study article (provided) by answering questions at the end of the article. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Nation states can now freely purchase natural resources from companies such as Anglo American PLC and Unocal and this has worked completely well to almost all countries. Even the largest economy in the world has depended on trade for its need of raw materials to propel its economy.

China on the other hand has a huge demand for natural resources due to its rapidly expanding economy (China Defence & Security 47). It also wants to secure the source of its raw materials by a series of acquisitions and joint ventures in the past several years (Concha 139).

I also do not think China’s growth will be threatened if it needs to rely on foreign-owned sources of materials. All countries have dependended on other countries for natural materials in one way or another and no country in the world has the monopoly of all resources. Even United States is dependent on Middle East for its oil requirement. This explains why there is trade and trade agreements because each country has to depend upon another for its natural resources and vice versa. What China is trying to achieve is to secure the source of its natural resoures for the expansion of economy. It is not contented of developing its own natural resources but rather would acquire the natural resources of other countries either by acquisition, joint venture or ridiculous claim such as its nine dash claim in the Pacific which is known to rich in oil and gas and offending all its neighbors in the process.

Regardless how much resources China will need, there will always be a company or companies that will provide because it is an opportunity to make business. Being such, it is never a threat to China to depend on foreign owned companies with its need of materials. Even the largest economy in the world which is United States also depends on other countries for many of its materials need but it does not feel threatened by its dependency knowing that it is also

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