Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On American Furies Crime Punish

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on American Furies: Crime, Punishment, and Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

There is increasing number of persons in the penal colony of United States which is surprisingly seven times higher compared to Western Europe and most of whom came from vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the communities (Western & Loury, 2011). Research pointed that about 1/3 of black American youths who dropped schools are behind bars and bared that those born from 1965, about 20% thereof are imprisoned. Sociologists said that this imprisonment rate pattern is dubbed “mass incarceration”, a phenomenon of imprisonment that is incomparably high and has strong impact to society, economy and to social justice especially on matters focused on state’s crime control and jailed person’s rehabilitation (Austin, Bruce, Carroll, McCall, Richards, 2000). Rose and Clear (2009) and Austin et. al (2000) reported that US topped among countries wordwide on incarceration. Rose et. al. (2009) bared there is a ratio of 1:100 adult American that is imprisoned although the ratio of figure varies in every state e.g. 1:55 is jailed in Louisiana and 1:226 in Maine. At such rate, Rose et. al. (2009) pointed that there are 25% of world’s incarcerated population albeit figures are far from representative portion of the country. Rose et. al (2009) further stated that for Afro American, the ratio of imprisoned persons is 1:15 black person and 1:36 Hispanic American or about 300% than the white American. Experts further observed that even if the population of jailed Hispanic and black Americans are combined, the white retain dominance in percentile presence of prisoners who made up 34.72% (Austin, et. al., 2000). The Hispanics composed 18.26% while the black got the largest ethnicity with 43.91% of incarcerated population of persons. As such, there are 2.13 million incarcerated American people (Education Online, 2011) which comprised 10% of country’s population. But despite

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