Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On 3 10 Cs For Writing Effectiv

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on 3: 10 Cs for Writing Effectively. It needs to be at least 750 words.

For this reason, the writer is not keen on details.

It is also clear that the writer requires the invited guests to make contributions to purchase a gift certificate for Joe Banyon. It can be argued that this is a critical subject that may leave the guests in constant worry. According to Stuart et al. (2007), the writer of the email ought to have mentioned a couple of party provisions that will be provided after making contributions, such as drinks, meals or any other complementary services. This will make them conformable to make contributions.

Also, ASAP, which is commonly used to refer to “as soon as possible” may send a strong message to the invited guests considering that this subject of contribution may be considered delicate. Therefore, it is inappropriate to use it in the email given that it may mean there should be no delay with regard to making the contribution (Stuart et al., 2007).

Sending this kind of email to guests may be detrimental to the party planners considering that it has numerous communication problems. The writer should have begun writing with the guests in mind, in order to ensure that all their needs are addressed versus the requirements of the party. Ultimately, the writer should have gone through the email several times to ensure that all the required details are integrated in order to avert the communication problems seen (Stuart et al., 2007).

This is to let you know that Mr. Joe Banyon is retiring next month 24th March 2015. Mr. Banyon has been one of the long serving employees of our Company, Dow Jones Inc. From the time he joined this company, he has shown tremendous efforts and dedication. In particular, he has championed a number of initiatives that have led to several achievements and awards to the company.

It is true that everyone received a share of his wisdom and vast knowledge in business management and leadership. His steadfastness is worth honoring. Therefore, it is vital to have an

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