Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On 1st Law Of Performance Eotio

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on 1st Law of Performance, Eotional Inteligence, Issues in Managing teams. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Individuals’ gut reactions are the drivers of their decision making, which means that how they perceive other members of the group will dictate their performance. At my current workplace, this law was put into practice during the execution of a project plan. The team manager immediately set about managing commitment networks between members of the project team, even before the project began. He was obviously trying to control how the project occurred to members of the team by introducing us to one another and asking us for the parts of the project that excited us most (Zaffron & Logan, 2009). After discussing the project, most of the members began to respect one another’s expertise as we realized we had been chosen for specific tasks.

One important aspect of this first law is the team members’ emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be generally defined as an individual’s ability to perceive their emotions and those of their team members, as well as ability to control their own emotions and evaluate them (Hicks & Bone, 2010). While some contend that EI can be strengthened and even learned, there is also a belief that it is inborn. Emotionally intelligence can also be more specifically defined as a social intelligence subset that involves an individual’s ability to monitor their own, as well as their fellow teammate’s, emotions and feelings. It is also a measure of how they are able to discriminate among these feelings, and to use the results as a guide to their decision-making. There are four principle factors that determine an individual’s EI, including emotional perception, reasoning ability using the perceived emotions, ability to understand these emotions, and ability to manage them. In the contemporary organization, emotional intelligence is important during meetings (Hicks & Bone, 2010). Emotional intelligence of meeting’s participants enhances the careful planning and skilful execution of the

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