Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On What Enabled The Romans To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Enabled the Romans to Build Their Empire. It needs to be at least 2250 words. Relics found in the Praeneste and dating back to the Fourth and Fifth Centuries B.C. provide insight into the Roman state that even then existed as a military state, and which would rise to become the most powerful Empire in the history of the world1. Italy’s neighbor, Greece, had not been able to maintain a cohesive alliance within their own realm, which made them vulnerable to the Roman forces who had achieved unity amongst themselves by bringing together separate tribal groups into a single unified group2.

Italy, with Rome as its capital, was able to expel the Etruscans, the dynasty which had held power in Italy from 405 to 396 B.C3. The expulsion of the Etruscans was the first real military success for the Romans, and while it did not alter the state’s constitution, it was a turning point in that it established a decision making body plebs (multitudes) who had served the Etruscans.

Rome became increasingly important as a center of trade and commerce, which made it an attractive prize to be claimed by invading forces5. Gallic invading forces were slowly claiming small parts of the Roman Empire, and this brought about the realization amongst the Plebeians that political changes were needed if Rome was going to be successful in defending itself against the Gallic forces6. While the Romans were not successful in defending themselves against the Gallic invasion, the invasion succeeded in uniting Rome with Latium7. The Gallic wars also caused the Romans to consider a new design for its city that would afford it better protection against future invading forces8. United, the Latin and Roman forces were successful in preventing further invasions of Rome.

The Roman army was the first paid and professional military force in the history of the world10. Legions were made up of forces of six thousand men, each well trained in the art of battle fought for personal glory11. Surgeons, engineers, surveyors, architects, and craftsmen were counted in the ranks of the legions, and the skills these&nbsp.highly trained individuals helped ensure the expansion of the Empire.

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