Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On The Use Of Hard Drugs It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Use of Hard Drugs. It needs to be at least 2750 words. &nbsp.Not much attention, however, has been focused on the use and abuse of illicit drugs and treatment has not been forthcoming on the use of these illicit drugs. In Australia and in the United States, the use of illicit drugs rose in the 1970s and issues of prevention and treatment also escalated during this time. In Saudi Arabia, these figures have not been exactly forthcoming. hence, this paper is being conducted in order to establish the prevalence rates on the use of hard drugs in Saudi Arabia.

In a 2008 World Drug report by Hennigan (“Finance”), he indicated that the seizures of amphetamines increased sharply in Saudi Arabia, most likely signaling an increase in the consumption of amphetamines in the country. As compared to global figures on seizures, Saudi Arabia represented 28 percent of all seizures in 2006 – this represents about 12.3 tonnes of amphetamines seized in the country (Hennigan, “Finance”). This is an important issue because the efforts being made towards the stabilization of the world drug market are threatened. Moreover, drug stabilization is threatened by the increase in opium and coca cultivation, “and the risk of higher drug use in developing countries threatens to undermine recent progress in drug control” (Hennigan, “Finance”).

Due to these increasing figures, Saudi Arabia, more particularly, Riyadh took on a more imposing position against drug abuse. Riyadh officials noted the increasing drug use in the area, including trafficking through its borders. and so it also manifested actions on raising domestic awareness of this problem as well as the expansion of regional anti-smuggling cooperation agreements (Murphy “Arab Gates”). The society has also become more open to the possibility that their youth are now rampant users of the drugs, as well as&nbsp.some of their students who admittedly use the amphetamines during their exam periods.&nbsp.

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