Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Physiological Responses To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Physiological Responses to Exercise. It needs to be at least 2000 words. To compound matters further, the physiological response of the body to stress during stress is different in children and adults (Binkley, Beckett, Casa, Kleiner and Plummer, 2002, p. 339). These physiological responses are pegged on several factors such as respiration and cardiovascular system.&nbsp.

The ability of the body of children to regulate temperature is similar to that of adults although they occur through different mechanisms. This becomes apparent when the children are exposed to extreme environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and exercises. The difference in physiological responses occurs during the time of maturation due to morphologic and physiologic changes that have already occurred in adults thereby making children disadvantaged especially when training in a hot environment (Hillman, Vince, Taylor, McNaughton, Mitchell, and Siegler, 2011, p. 702). One of the differences is occasioned by mass to surface area ratio in both children and adults. The body of children has a lower surface to mass ratio as compared to that of adults which then puts them at a disadvantage when training in hot and humid environments (Sawka and Montain, 2000, p. 568). At optimum or normal environmental conditions, the response of the body in conducting away the heat generated by training is the same but this change when external temperatures increase.

The sweating mechanism is quite efficient as a form radiating away heat but it is not efficient when it comes to a combined heat from training and hot conditions. This mechanism becomes quite inefficient in&nbsp.regulating internal temperatures of the body. The larger the body surface, the faster the heat generated internally is conducted away from the body.&nbsp.

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