Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Marketing And Business Pla

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Marketing and Business plan. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Services will be delivered to customers from the central office and at customers’ preferred location. Staff that will be hired will be trained to meet customers courteously and only those personals will be added to the team who are qualified and licensed architects. The Angles will focus on creating convenience and value for the customers.

The advertising strategies will focus on print media as a medium to create awareness and promote offers and discounts to the target market. The target market will comprise of people belonging to the income levels of £ 25,000 per annum. As understood by the management that architectural service is a onetime expense, The Angles will provide its customers with services at premium prices keeping in view the potential of target market.

The Angles will be operate by the owner, Alex Ferguson, who is a qualified architect from Leeds and have experience of running businesses. He also has an experience of working in an architectural firm. The management of The Angles will minimize the operating costs by hiring employees according to the need of time.

In this section, a comprehensive analysis of competitors in the architecture industry of UK, threat of new entrants, threat from buyers, threat from suppliers and threat of substitute products are presented (Hill and Jones 2009).

The Angles would consider two architectural businesses in London as its major competitors. First one is the Designs, located in Central London. This architectural business offers one of the best services to its customer base dispersed all over UK and provides both online and personal visit facility to its customer base. The second major competitor of The Angles is Art Horizon which provides architecture services and consultation.

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