2 body paragraphs | English homework help



Each of the Body Paragraphs consist of a topic sentence, supporting details and evidence, and a concluding sentence. This week you will build the body paragraphs.

  • Revise and edit the topic sentences from the Week 3 Assignment.
  • Use the topic sentences to begin each of the three body paragraphs.
  • Add at least 2-3 sentences of supporting details and/or evidence to each of the three body paragraphs.
    • Research your topic in Google Scholar and/or in the library.
    • Try to add a fact or statistic to each body paragraph. 
    • Do not use direct quotes. We are focusing on paraphrasing ideas from outside sources in this class.
    • If you use the ideas of other authors, make sure you add citations and a Works Cited page (see Course Content).
  • If you need to add an in other words or a for example sentence to explain a point of evidence, please do so. 
  • Add a concluding/transition sentence for each body paragraph.
  • Revise and edit the three body paragraphs.
  • While you must submit all three paragraphs in one MSWord document, choose only one of the body paragraphs for feedback by 11:59 PM EST Sunday, Week 4.